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Exporting to Excel from ACT!

Have you ever wanted to view a lookup of your contacts in an Excel spreadsheet?  If so, this ACT! Tip will guide your way in a few short steps.  With the arrival of ACT! 2005, the Export to Excel has moved from the steps listed below to simply a right mouse click.  Click here if you would like to learn more about this great new product!

  How to Export to Excel
1.  Once you have created your lookup, File | Data Exchange | Export.

2. This will open up the Export Wizard dialog box.  Select Text - Delimited as File type.  Select a file name and location to save the txt file.  Make a note of this location so you can later open in Excel.  Click Next.

3. Select the
Contact records only radio button. 

Click the Options button.  Make sure Tab is selected, and check the box next to Yes, export field names.  Click OK, and then click Next

4. Select the Current lookup radio button.  Click Next.

5. Remove any fields you do not want as part of the export.  If this is an export you will do frequently, you can save the mapping of the fields by clicking the Save Map button. If not, click Finish and the export will proceed

6. Once it is finished, open Excel, and then File | Open, navigate to the directory where you saved the text file.  Change the files of type from All Microsoft Excel files to Text Files, and you will see the file you exported.

7. When the Text Import Wizard box appears, click the Finish button, and it will open in Excel.


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